Ford and Chevy’s Heavy Duty Pickups are both Packed Full of Cameras


Ford and Chevrolet have introduced new trailering camera systems to make towing easier than ever.

Ford is giving its heavy-duty pickups more smart technology with the innovative Trailer Reverse Guidance feature that uses cameras to see more angles, monitor conditions around the truck and provide real-time coaching guidance when maneuvering with a trailer.

That makes the Ford Super Duty pickups the first vehicles from Ford to offer up to seven cameras, three of which are used in Trailer Reverse Guidance. The cameras do more than just serve as digital rearview mirrors, as the tailgate camera can track the motion of a conventional trailer to help coach drivers as they back up. In addition, the two side-view cameras shift the view of the trailer as its angle changes.

There is also the first-ever, factory-available customer-placed camera that can be attached to the back of a trailer to help improve visibility while backing up. Lastly, there’s a center high-mounted stop lamp camera that offers visibility into the cargo box.

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From Chevy is a new trailering camera system that will be available for 2014-2016 model year Silverados. Developed in partnership with Echomaster, the new system includes three cameras: two side-view cameras and one for mounting on the rear of a trailer. The two side cameras are seamlessly integrated into the housing of the side-view mirrors and when the driver activates the turn signal, the system will automatically display the corresponding side view in the center screen.

The Silverado’s rear backup camera is activated when the pickup is in reverse and features infrared lighting to enhance images in low-light settings. Chevy announced that its trailering camera system will be priced from $999 and will be available at dealerships starting April.

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