Next-Gen Aston Martin Vanquish to Benefit From Formula 1 Tech

Aston Martin is going to take advantage of its new relationship with Red Bull Racing.

CEO Andy Palmer helped spearhead Infinit’s relationship with Red Bull Racing and now that he is at the helm of Aston Martin, he hasn’t wasted anytime reaching out to old friends. Speaking to Drive, Palmer hinted that the next-generation Aston Martin Vanquish will borrow some high-tech features from Formula 1: “Some of the technologies we are developing with Red Bull Technologies and Adrian [Newey] will undoubtedly flow through to the next Vanquish.”

Of particular interest is structural carbon fiber and KERS-type technology that could work in the new Vanquish.

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In the same interview, Palmer also confirmed some details on the hypercar being developed in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. While there still isn’t a price for the AM-RB 001, it will be limited to just 99 units and Palmer hopes the car “marks a generation.”

Before we see that hypercar though, Aston Martin plans on bringing at least two limited run vehicles to market, similar to the Vantage-based GT12 and the track-only Vulcan. In fact, the company plans to bring two specials runs to market each year.

“So GT12 and Vulcan we’re last year and we’ve obviously got two runs we’re working on right now which will come this year and then 2018 we’ve got electric Rapide and the hypercar,” said Palmer. “So clearly we have some surprises still in store for 2016 and 2017 – just you wait and see.”

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