Tesla Model 3 Teased. . . and Possibly Leaked?


Tesla has revealed a teaser image of the upcoming Model 3 and confirmed the exact date it will be revealed.

Sitting next to the Model S and Model X, the new Model 3 in the teaser photo is under a black shroud to hide its new looks. Based on just the small bit of the front end that we can see, the Model 3 appears to be a sedan much like the Model S.

Along with the teaser, Tesla invited existing owners to enter in a draw for tickets to the “intimate event,” where the Model 3 will be revealed on March 31st..

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Tesla wants the Model 3 to be its first mass-market car and will price it at around $35,000. Deliveries of the car are expected to begin in late 2017. Its all-electric driving range will be key to its success, and Tesla says we can expect around 250 miles.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story claimed that the Model 3 was “clearly a good deal smaller” than the Model S. Upon reviewing the teaser further, this was removed from the story. 

Tesla Model 3 Leak?


In an e-mail to AutoGuide sister site TheTruthAboutCars, a person who claims to be a Tesla employee sent the image you see above, claiming to have accessed a colleague’s computer and taken this photo of a photo.

We responded to the claimed insider looking for more details or a way to confirm his or her identity, though as of publication time we have not heard back, so view the image above with a grain of salt. The teaser image from Tesla also makes this leak hard to believe based on the proportions of the car seen under the black sheet.

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If it is true, the leaked image suggests that the Model 3 will be more of a Mazda5 look-a-like than a small sedan. It appears as though the falcon wing doors from the Model X crossover are also present on this car.

We will know for sure if this photo is the real deal on March 31, when the Model 3 is officially revealed.

Update: Tesla spokesman Khobi Brooklyn confirmed that the leaked image is not the Model 3. Check back on March 31 to see the real car.