Bugatti Veyron Recalled for Three Separate Issues

Bugatti Veyron Recalled for Three Separate Issues

Three different problems that plague the Bugatti Veyron have triggered recalls. 

The largest single recall action of the three affects 87 cars in total, a fairly large number considering only 450 Veyrons were built in total.

Specifically, it affects certain 2006-2010 Veyrons, 2010-2012 Veyron Grand Sports and 2011-2013 Veyron Super Sports. The issue with these cars stems from aluminum plates which are fitted under the vehicle to support it while it is being jacked up. These plates can corrode and eventually detach from the supercar, causing a potential safety hazard for other drivers. Dealers will rivet the plates into place to fix this problem.

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The second largest recall affects 72 units of the 2006-2010 Veyron and 2010-2011 Veyron Grand Sport. On these cars, the fuel gauge may be inaccurate, reporting more fuel in the tank than there actually is. Dealers will replace the entire fuel tank control unit and upgrade software to fix this problem.

Finally, the last recall is for 13 Veyrons from the 2006-2008 model years. In these cars, the positive battery cable and the connection to the alternator can corrode, leading to overheating cables.

No accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of any of these issues. Bugatti has yet to say when the recalls will begin.

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