Daily Diecast: Get Your Kid Hooked on Cars With This Masterful McLaren P1

Welcome to’s Daily Diecast feature. Every day this week, we’ll be showcasing an extra special diecast model car from the web and showing you exactly why it’s awesome.

When your kid is no longer satisfied with those run-of-the-mill toy cars, this McLaren P1 swoops down to the rescue.

There’s a pivotal moment in a child’s life when he or she picks up a toy car for the first time and from then on, has four-wheel fever. Symptoms include always having a toy car in hand, gasping at the sound of a revving engine and forever begging to go to the toy car section.

At first, you may get away with giving them whatever car is available in the car section of your local toy store. But when the time comes that they can actually start naming vehicles, this diecast model will definitely come in handy.

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This gorgeous McLaren P1 diecast is 1:34 to scale, perfect for little fingers to hold on to and never let go. Plus, it’s made of alloy, so you can be sure that it’ll take quite the beating before heading down recycling lane.

McLaren P1 Diecast

This P1 model features opening doors and hood. The best part? When you open the doors, out comes a flood of flickering lights and music sure to entertain your kid for hours! We aren’t sure how long the sound and lights will last, but for $14, you really can’t go wrong. has affiliate partnerships and may get a share of the revenue from any purchases made.

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