Faulty Takata Airbag Linked to Teen’s Death in Texas

Faulty Takata Airbag Linked to Teen’s Death in Texas

A faulty Takata airbag has been linked to the death of a 17-year-old driver in Texas.

The teenager was killed while driving a recalled 2002 Honda Civic after the Takata airbag ruptured during a rear-end crash with a CR-V. According to Honda and U.S. regulators, this is the 10th death linked to faulty Takata airbags, which has resulted in a massive recall of millions of vehicles worldwide.

The latest death occurred on March 31 in Fort Bend County, Texas, and Honda has said that the owner had been mailed multiple recall notices, but repairs were never made.

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The victim was not excessively speeding and was wearing her seat belt when she rear-ended a Honda CR-V that was waiting for traffic to clear before making a left turn. Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Beckwith said, “Everybody should have walked away from this.” Unfortunately, shrapnel from the airbag cut the carotid artery in the teen’s throat and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Honda stressed that it has sent more than 9.9 million mailers, 11.9 million postcards, 4.5 million emails as well as 12.8 million direct and automated phone calls concerning the massive Takata airbag recall. This is in addition to targeted advertising, social media and other efforts.

The incident is extremely tragic, but it sends an important message: if your car has an active recall, get it repaired by the dealership as soon as possible, especially if it involves faulty Takata airbags.

[Source: Reuters]

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