Ford Paid a Big Markup for a Tesla Model X

Ford Paid a Big Markup for a Tesla Model X

Ford was one of the first customers to receive a Tesla Model X and the brand paid a $55,000 markup to make it happen. 

In total, Ford spent $199,950 on a Model X according to Bloomberg, which is about $55,000 over what the MSRP is for the vehicle. Ford’s Model X was the 64th unit built by Tesla and is a white Founders Series P90D model with the Ludicrous Speed upgrade.

The unit was originally bought by a California man named Wayne Skiles, who had used Tesla’s referral system to sell 11 Model S sedans, qualifying him for a Model X Founders Series. He immediately sold the car to a Chicago-area dealership for profit. It was then sold to Ford by Corporate Auto of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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Automakers buying competitors cars to examine them is nothing new, but paying nearly $212,000 once Michigan sales tax and title is added in seems excessive. “It is a common industry practice among many automakers to buy production vehicles for testing as soon as they are released,” Ford said in a statement it released. “Sometimes, this means automakers pay more than sticker price to acquire them as quickly as possible.”

Ford is pushing rapidly into the electric car race with a recent investment of $4.5 billion and it is important to know the competition.

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