Tesla Offers One Month Trials of Autopilot


Tesla is letting its customers try out its Autopilot autonomous technology for a trial period of one month. 

A photo distributed on Reddit shows a message on a Tesla infotainment screen, which reads “Try Autopilot Convenience Features and experience a stress-free commute. This one-month free trial enables automatic steering, speed, lane changing, and parking with Summon. Once your trial begins, you’ll receive an email with instructions for permanently upgrading your Tesla.”

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To get Autopilot, customers have to spend $2,500 when they purchase a Model S or Model X vehicle, though every single one of Tesla’s vehicles built after late 2014 have the capability to run Autopilot.

If the customer decides not to get Autopilot when they buy their Tesla, it can be activated by an over-the-air update, though it costs $3,000.

Autopilot uses cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and data to control the car on the highway, change lanes and adjust speed to respond to traffic. The trial also includes Tesla’s summon feature, which allows the Model S or Model X to drive out of a garage autonomously.

[Source: Reddit]

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