Top 5 Biggest Automotive Recalls in History: The Short List

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Defects and problems and trouble, oh my! Automotive fiascos are this week’s topic as we focus on the five biggest vehicular recalls in American history.

Are you ready to learn about the most massive automotive callbacks ever, at least according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)? Hopefully you’re sitting down, because from defective switches to faulty suspension components, there’s a lot to report.

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Do you drive one of these affected vehicles? Do you know someone else who does? If so, let’s hope the issues reported in this video have been addressed for the safety of every motorist on the road.

But which vehicles are impacted by these epic recalls and what components have caused enough trouble to recall millions of cars? Well, find out by watching the video above! Go ahead, hit play. We promise it won’t hurt, and hell, you may even enjoy it!

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