Cadillac ELR Production Comes to an End


Production of the Cadillac ELR quietly ended in February of this year, though Cadillac has just now confirmed the news. 

The ELR plug-in hybrid was a striking coupe, but its $79,995 price tag was deemed too expensive by many. Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen already admitted that the ELR would not be coming back for a second generation, though he never mentioned when production of the current car would stop, leaving the door open for Cadillac to continue selling the car.

“The beautifully designed electrified coupe marked an important step in Cadillac’s ongoing expansion,” said Cadillac in a statement. “Cadillac remains committed to delivering new technology, including advanced propulsion.”

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Cadillac only sold 2,334 units of the ELR in 2014 and 2015 combined, a small number even for a car that was designed to be low volume. Cadillac says that there is still a small quantity of ELRs available at dealers.

Cadillac did try to make the ELR more accessible by cutting the price by $10,000 in 2016, but it was already too late. The ELR’s similarity to the Chevy Volt, which was half the price, worked against this luxury car from the beginning.

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