GM Looks to Offer Carbon Fiber Wheels


Ford might not be the only automaker to offer carbon fiber wheels with its vehicles.

It appears that General Motors is also looking at the possibility of optional carbon fiber wheels from some of its vehicles, according to a recent Autoblog report.

Like Ford, GM will likely turn to Carbon Revolution to supply its offerings. According to the GM light polymer systems manager, William Rodgers, the Cadillac V-Series models would be candidates to receive the wheels while it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro sports car also have the option.

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Although carbon fiber wheels are expensive, they could reduce weight by 35 pounds per vehicle, according to GM. In addition, they improve driving dynamics because they’re stiffer while offering lower unsprung and rotational mass. The American automaker is testing the carbon fiber wheels to see how they withstand potholes and general use, as well as examining repair costs. For now, Rodgers says that replacing a damaged carbon fiber wheel would be most likely.

There’s currently no time frame as to how soon GM will add carbon fiber wheels as options for its vehicles.

[Source: Autoblog]

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