Lighter, Faster, Meaner: Novitec’s Lamborghini Aventador SV

Do you find the “standard” factory-fresh Lamborghini Aventador just too blasé? Well, the folks at Novitec have made the car even more potent.

This tuning firm has cranked up the performance of this exotic Italian machine, squeezing a whopping 786 horsepower out of its 6.5-liter V12. In lesser versions of the car this engine is good for “just” 740 ponies.

How were they able to extract an extra 46 horses from it? Well, the main change was through computer tuning, though a more open exhaust arrangement didn’t hurt things, either. This system also helped shave 46 pounds off the car curb weight.


But it’s not just extra power, oh no. This car is the complete package. Novitec has gone carbon-fiber crazy, adding a new front splitter, hood-mounted air extractors, crazy looking rocker-panels and of course a gigantic rear wing just for good measure, all of which is constructed of this feather-weight material.

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These aesthetic changes don’t simply make the Aventador look meaner, they also improve its wind-tunnel performance. Lift while driving at speed is reduced and stability improved. All told, this car can smash the 200-mile-an-hour barrier like a section of lead pipe through a plate-glass window.

Helping it roll along smoothly at those speeds are forged NL3 alloy wheels with a Y-spoke design. These rims are wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tires for maximum grip. Additionally, the suspension has been lowered by around 1.3 inches.


So, how much does this specially modified Lamborghini go for? Well, the base price for an Aventador is around half-a-million bucks, but pricing for these Novitec enhancements have not been listed.

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