Lotus Crossover to Arrive by 2019

Lotus Crossover to Arrive by 2019

The Lotus crossover will reportedly be built at a new factory in Guangzhou, China and will hit the market in 2019. 

The British automaker has already confirmed that it is developing a crossover model that would be built in China, but a new report says that the plant will be located in Guangzhou due to local government assistance and and strong support facilities for the automotive industry.

“It’s still under development,” said Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission deputy director, Wang Ke Si. “Studies on soil usage have been completed and we have sent the relevant documents to the ministries, National Development and Reform Commission and other related commissions. We will begin at the end of this year.”

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The new factory in China is a $1.5-billion project and involves Proton, Group Lotus and Goldstar Heavy Industrial. The new establishment will include headquarters, manufacturing facilities and a research and development center.

The Lotus crossover is expected to launch in China and other Asian markets starting 2019 and will feature similar styling to existing models. It’s unclear how much Lotus will draw from the APX concept (seen above) that originally debuted at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: Bernama]

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