Honda Dumps Concrete Blocks in a Ridgeline to Show Detroit it’s Tough Too


A recent set of Chevy ads has Honda out to prove how tough the box on its new Ridgeline is. 

Chevrolet recently released a set of ads showing concrete landscaping blocks being dropped into the bed of both its Silverado and a Ford F-150, in a test of strength. The steel bed of the Silverado leaves the test with some scratches and dents, while the Ford F-150’s aluminum bed ends up with holes right through it.

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In the wake of those ads, Honda is out to show that the Ridgeline’s composite plastic bed can also withstand up to about 800 pounds worth of landscaping blocks. After the stones are dropped into the truck, what’s left is some scratches and small dents, though the damage is minimal at best.

Honda also points out that the composite bed is black all the way through, which means that dents and scratches will stay virtually hidden. And of course, they take a chance to show both of the Ridgeline’s unique bed features: a tailgate that opens vertically and to the side and an in-bed trunk.

Watch the video above to see exactly how well the Ridgeline deals with the block drop.

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