The Ford Focus RS500 is Real and These Spy Photos are Proof


A new Ford Focus RS500 is in development and spy photographers have caught a prototype testing.

Late last year, rumors began spreading that Ford was planning an even hotter Focus RS model and this might be the first evidence of the new Ford Focus RS500. Although it currently looks similar to the existing Ford Focus RS, you can spot the extra vents on the hood that are likely necessary to help dissipate heat from the even more powerful engine underneath.

Details on the new Ford Focus RS500 are light at the moment, but expect it to lose quite a bit of weight while receiving upgrades to its suspension and brakes. It is also possible that Ford will equip it with a dual-clutch transmission from Getrag.

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The first rumors suggest that the Ford Focus RS500 would could shed up to 220 pounds thanks to a stripped out interior, less noise insulation, carbon fiber-reinforced bodywork, aluminum suspension components and lighter brakes. It would undoubtedly get a power upgrade from the current 350-horsepower figure, but don’t expect it to increase significantly.

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