Toyota Camry Tops the ‘American-Made Index’ Again

Toyota Camry Tops the ‘American-Made Index’ Again

The Toyota Camry is once again the most American-made car.

As the best-selling car in America for 14 consecutive years, the Toyota Camry also tops this year’s American-Made Index for the second year in a row and sixth time overall.

The index rates vehicles built and bought in the U.S. using factors that include the percentage of parts considered domestic under federal regulations, whether the car is assembled in the U.S. and U.S. sales. Vehicles with a domestic parts content rating below 75 percent are disqualified, as well as models built exclusively outside the U.S. or models soon to be discontinued without a U.S.-built successor.

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The Toyota Camry is assembled at the Japanese automaker’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, which is also Toyota’s largest vehicle manufacturing plant in the world with annual capacity to produce 550,000 vehicles and 600,000 engines.

Also joining the Camry on the list is the Toyota Sienna, which ranked third. The Sienna minivan is assembled in Princeton, Indiana.

“This recognition from is a tribute to Toyota employees, not only those at the plant who build the Camry, but the broader Toyota team who design, engineer, market and finance the vehicle in the United States,” said Bob Carter, Toyota senior vice president of automotive operations. “We also support local suppliers and economies, and we have invested more than $6 billion into our Kentucky operations alone, which is growing with our new production engineering campus under construction there.”

From most American-built to least:

1. Toyota Camry

2. Honda Accord

3. Toyota Sienna

4. Honda Odyssey

5. Honda Pilot

6. Chevrolet Traverse

7. GMC Acadia

8. Buick Enclave


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