Custom Rolls-Royces Draw Inspiration from Swanky Italian Locale

Rolls-Royce has unveiled yet another two bespoke cars.

Making their appearance at the Rolls-Royce Summer Studio in Sardinia, the Rolls-Royce Dawn and Wraith have been customized to reflect the atmosphere and vibrancy of Porto Cervo in Italy. With a theme of from “Dusk until Dawn,” the two vehicles contrast one another while still capturing the essence of the marina in Costa Smerelda.

The bespoke Wraith features the ambient hues of dusk, with a two-tone silver exterior while a purple feature line hints at the interior. Upon opening the coach doors, shades of blue, purple, slate and black are used to give off the mysterious aura of twilight. Adding depth and texture to the already exuberant cabin is the use of ostrich leather.

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On the other hand, the Dawn contrasts the Wraith with a unique emerald green exterior aimed to capture the vibrancy and vivid color of the Porto Cervo seascape. Complementing the green exterior is a distinct seashell and green leather interior, while a bespoke teak trunk floor mat has been created for the luggage compartment, carrying on the nautical theme. There are some fine details on the Dawn, including precious emeralds and mother of pearl set into white gold.

“Patrons of our marque delight in inhabiting some of the world’s most beautiful enclaves. Sardinia, and its stunning Costa Smerelda, serves as the perfect backdrop for Rolls-Royce to host these patrons of true luxury in an intimate setting; The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio,” said Isobel Dando, general manger, future retail, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “The stunning Bespoke Wraith and emerald embellished Dawn, inspired by the sights and colours of Porto Cervo, have been commissioned in the spirit that so many of our customers delight in.”

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