Feds Open Investigation Into Ford Explorer Exhuast Leaks

Feds Open Investigation Into Ford Explorer Exhuast Leaks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a probe into model year 2011-2015 Explorers over a possible exhaust leak. 

A total of 154 complaints have been logged by NHTSA, each claiming that the odor of exhaust is strong inside the vehicle. Many owners also expressed concerns over exposure to carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

Ford says that it is fully cooperating with the investigation, which could result in a recall if there is enough evidence to show a widespread problem. One crash has been linked to this issue, though no injuries were caused according to NHTSA. The total number of Explorers being looked at has not been divulged by the organization.

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According to owners, the problem is particularly bad when the vehicle is at full throttle, when climbing steep hills and when the air conditioning is set to recirculate.

Ford has issued two different technical service bulletins about the issue, but owners have reported that a fix at the dealership did not make the exhaust smell go away.

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