McLaren Sold More Cars in North America Last Year Than Ever Before

Alex Ricciuti
by Alex Ricciuti

British supercar maker McLaren saw record sales in North America in 2015 with unit sales on the continent totalling 519 cars for the year.

In the same period, McLaren also saw its operation in the region expand healthily, adding 23 percent more dealers and 68 percent additional staff. North America is the brand’s most profitable market in the world.

“With increasing sales numbers, a growing retailer network and strong product portfolio, we have a solid foundation for the upcoming year,” said Anthony Joseph, president of McLaren North America, in a press release. The British brand expects sales to double for the year 2016, which means sales of more than 1,000 cars.

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While the 650S model represented the bulk of sales for 2015, McLaren is looking forward to increased volume for the year 2016 with the 570S Sports Series model. McLaren sold only 30 units of that newly introduced supercar last year but expects sales to grow rapidly for the model this year.

The brand is also expanding its dealer network, having added dealers in Boston, Houston, Northern New Jersey, Palm Beach and Rancho Mirage last year. McLaren will have 22 retail outlets in North America by the end of 2016.

Alex Ricciuti
Alex Ricciuti

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  • Noe Japan Noe Japan on Jul 22, 2016

    Excellent for McLaren. Those that can afford the choice between this (mclaren's current selection) and its rivals should be driving a mclaren if they appreciate 'driver feel' Huracan, even though all well done, still feels like an overweight dinosaur vs 650. The 488 is very nice to drive and the interior continues to improve with each model ....... but ....... on small twisty roads with hairpins and needing tight overtaking moves the macca feels most involving Expressways too. though each of them you can easily sit at 240-260kmh ..... but lambo sounds best for this element