New Tesla Model X 60D Brings $9K Price Cut

New Tesla Model X 60D Brings $9K Price Cut

Tesla has introduced the new base-level Model X 60D which brings the price of entry down to $75,200 before incentives. 

The new 60D can travel 200 miles on a full charge, about 37 miles less than the previous base model, the 75D, though it also costs $9,000 less. Torque has been lowered to 325 lb-ft for the 60D, down from 387 lb-ft in the 75D.

Horsepower, top speed and 0 to 60 mph time all stay the same for the new model, pegged at 328 hp, 140 mph and six seconds respectively.

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Tesla didn’t specify if the Model X 60D is akin to the new Model S 60 in that there is actually a 75 kWh battery pack on board which has been limited. In the Model S, customers are offered the chance to upgrade range and power for a fee of $9,000.

Tesla has announced its goal to deliver 50,000 vehicles during the second half of 2016 alone, equal to its total deliveries from 2015. Lowering the base price of both the Model S and Model X should help the brand get closer to its goal.

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