Tesla Claims to Have 'World's Fastest' Electric Car Charger

Jon LeSage
by Jon LeSage

Tesla has boosted power in its Superchargers to reassert its claim that it provide the “world’s fastest” charger, Electrek says.

Tesla Motors has boosted some Superchargers’ power capacity from 135 kilowatts to 145 kW. That’s still ahead of the current Supercharger capacity. Tesla’s Supercharger website still says the power delivery rate tops out at 120 kW.

When originally built in 2012, Superchargers delivered 120 kW, but Tesla vehicles could only handle a maximum of 90 kW of charging. Tesla vehicles are Superchargers have gone up in capacity since then.

The Supercharger upgrade comes at a time the electric carmaker is going through an ongoing legal battle with U.K.-based Ecotricity, The renewable energy provider took issue with Tesla calling its Superchargers the fastest in the world.

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority backed Tesla on the question. The authority verified that, between the upgrade and the charging capacity of Tesla’s vehicles, the combination is accurately characterized as the fastest.

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Tesla and Ecotricity have been fighting each other for a leading position in the U.K. charging market for the past couple of years. In 2014, the U.K. energy company alleged that Tesla violated some non-disclosure agreements while attempting to sideskirt Ecotricity by trying to talk directly to some of the owners of the roadside stops throughout the U.K. Tesla responded last year by accusing Ecotrocity of trying to enforce a monopoly over U.K. charging stations.

A Tesla Model S or Model X can be recharged fast enough to deliver about 170 miles of range in a half hour. As of Friday, Tesla said that it has 681 Supercharger stations with more than 4,100 Superchargers worldwide.

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