Tesla Q2 Deliveries Fall Short of Expectations

Tesla Q2 Deliveries Fall Short of Expectations

Tesla released its second quarter (Q2) production and delivery numbers over the weekend, showing that deliveries are still short of projections, though production is ramping up. 

The company manufactured a total of 18,345 vehicles in Q2, though only 14,370 of those were actually delivered to customers. Tesla says that a total of 5,150 vehicles ordered in Q2 are still on ships or in trucks and will be delivered in Q3. Of the total Q2 sales, 9,745 were Model S sedans while 4,625 were the Model X crossover.

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Tesla is currently ramping up production and managed a 20 percent increase over Q1, with output expected to hit 2,200 vehicles a week by Q3 and finally 2,400 vehicles a week in Q4. The brand expects to deliver 50,000 vehicles during the second half of 2016 alone, which is equal to its total deliveries from 2015.

Even if Tesla hits its goal of 50,000 deliveries in Q3 and Q4, the company still won’t hit the overall sales goal it set early this year of 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles.

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