Tesla’s 8.0 Update Set to Bring Changes to Autopilot, Nav System

Tesla is planning one of its biggest software updates to date. 

The 8.0 upgrade will add some features to Autopilot, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system, along with changing up the navigation and map interface, according to Electrek.

The biggest addition to Autopilot is going to be an off-ramp navigator that will exit an interstate when the turn signal is activated, much the same way as the car will automatically change lanes when directed by the signal. A more responsive Traffic-Aware cruise control system along with updated Autosteer is also said to be coming to help make driving in traffic smoother.

Tesla still stresses that while using Autopilot, the driver should keep his or her hands on the wheel and be well aware of their surroundings. The first fatal crash in a Tesla while Autopilot was active occurred in late June, though there are no details on whether or not this update will deal with the circumstances of that crash specifically.

The Autopilot interface will also be updated and will now show the vehicles surrounding the Tesla not only from behind but also in any direction the are moving. This should help the display become a real-time representation of exactly what the Tesla is seeing around it.

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Besides Autopilot updates, a new voice command system will be installed that doesn’t require a button to be pressed to operate and will also show a transcript of what it is hearing the occupants say. The navigation system is also receiving updates and will now be able to choose a route based on energy capacity and suggest alternatives to avoid tolls or find new Superchargers.

Lastly, the media system will get an update, bringing along new shortcuts for audio apps and podcasts along with a new search filter.

Tesla has already rolled the 8.0 software out to a select number of vehicles for beta testing, which means the brand is getting ready to release it to the public. The exact date of the release is yet to be announced.

[Source: Electrek]

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