5 of the Strangest Cars We’ve Ever Seen Towing Things

5 of the Strangest Cars We’ve Ever Seen Towing Things

Most cars aren’t meant to be used for towing, but some owners aren’t afraid to test the limits.

We came across a post on Reddit where user richardmartin talked about how his Subaru BRZ managed to tow a 1,200-pound Honda Goldwing for 200 miles. That got us wondering what other car owners out there have towed or trailered things with a car that wasn’t meant to be used for towing?

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We scoured YouTube and found some interesting videos with some pretty odd cars being used for towing. Check out what we found:

Subaru BRZ Tows 1,200-Pound Honda Goldwing


Starting off with the story that piqued our interest, the Subaru BRZ that somehow managed to tow a broken Honda Goldwing 200 miles. According to Reddit user richardmartin, the only car he currently has is a Subaru BRZ, and when he purchased a “very broken Honda Goldwing” that was 200 miles away in another state, he decided to see what the BRZ could do. The Subaru BRZ isn’t exactly known for packing a ton of performance under the hood, but richardmartin’s BRZ is far from stock, packing a Jackson Racing supercharger with high-boost pulley, an ACT HD organic clutch and runs on E85. As a result, he managed to tow the Goldwing just fine, saying that he would feel comfortable towing more weight if the hitch could handle it. Best of all? He managed 22 mpg with a lot of Chicago traffic thrown in the mix.

Lamborghini Murcielago Tows a Trailer with Goats

It’s hard to believe that any Lamborghini Murcielago owner would want to hook up a trailer and tow something, but that’s exactly what this particular owner did. But what’s even more strange is what is being towed by the Italian exotic: a trailer with goats! The video was uploaded on YouTube by user Joseph Criniti, with no explanation as to what is actually going on. But it does appear the video comes from Australia – maybe everything there is truly upside-down.

Smart ForTwo Tows a Trailer with a… Smart ForTwo

There are few things funnier than a Smart ForTwo towing something. That is, unless that Smart ForTwo is towing another Smart ForTwo. Considering how small and underpowered the Smart ForTwo is, it’s rather impressive just how easily it is towing the trailer with another Smart ForTwo on it. Based on its wheels, however, we imagine this particular model is a Brabus ForTwo, but that doesn’t exactly shove a few hundred more horsepower and torque under the hood.

Toyota Prius Towing a Trailer

The Toyota Prius is the world’s most popular hybrid, and was designed to save the world. There is quite literally no one that has gotten behind the wheel of a Prius and thought about how powerful the hybrid is, so imagine our surprise when we saw this video. Not only is the Toyota Prius towing something, it’s towing a sizable trailer!

Tesla Model S Owner Tows Plenty

And like the Toyota Prius, the Tesla Model S wasn’t exactly built to be a utility vehicle. That’s what the Tesla Model X is for. But that hasn’t stopped this one owner from showing the world just how capable the all-electric sedan is with a trailer hooked up behind it. Truth be told, the Tesla Model S is probably the least surprising car on the list considering it has enough power from its electric motors to go from zero-to-60 in 2.8 seconds with Ludicrous Mode.