This Pro Drifter is Swapping a Ferrari Engine into a Toyota 86

Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck is swapping a Ferrari 458 engine into a Toyota 86.

Ever since the early days of Honda engine swaps, tuners worldwide have been looking for crazier things to do to their Japanese sports cars. And while a B-Series swap into a 1992 Honda Civic is a relatively easy thing to do these days, fitting a Ferrari 458 engine into the front of a Toyota 86 isn’t. And that’s exactly what Ryan Tuerck is doing to create the Gumout 4586. The bad news? It won’t see any competition since the car won’t be legal in Formula Drift, but the good news is that since there are no rules to abide by, this project will be one crazy car.

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The engine has been mounted to the car’s chassis and a roll cage has been fabricated. In a video with Tuerck talking about the project, he mentions plenty of custom carbon fiber bits that will be made for the project as well as custom headers.

It sounds like Tuerck and his team are getting the car ready to make a debut at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and we couldn’t imagine a better place for it to bow. Even though we won’t see it in competition, we’re confident there will be plenty of videos of this crazy creation surfacing on the Internet as soon as it’s complete.

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