Toyota Prius Prime Will Eventually Get Five Seats: Report


Toyota engineers are already working on a way to improve the new Prius Prime.

Going on sale this fall, the Toyota Prius Prime currently only seats four, similar to how the first-generation Chevrolet Volt was. That’s because the Japanese automaker was focused on making the Prius Prime as efficient as possible, and having a seat bench in the rear that accommodates three would mean using more reinforcing material and relocating the 3.3-kW charger. According to the chief engineer for the new Prius and Prius Prime, Koji Toshiyama, the changes are possible and he’s looking forward to making it happen.

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Toshiyama confirmed to AutoblogGreen that he will be focusing on expanding the rear seating area of the Prius Prime along with very early, preliminary development of the next-generation Prius. Of course, that model isn’t due for a few years, considering the new Prius just started arriving dealerships earlier this year.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t elaborate on when a five-seater Prius Prime will arrive, but it’s evident that Toyota isn’t stopping here when it comes to development of its hybrid models.

[Source: Autoblog]

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