How Cadillac’s Blind Spot-Busting Rear-View Mirror Works: Feature Focus


Increasingly, outward visibility is a huge issue with modern cars. 

Obese roof pillars, sloping rooflines and tiny windows obscure sightlines in the name of both safety and style. But Cadillac has come up with a clever new feature that literally grants sight to the blind … blind spots, that is.

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Helping eliminate these pesky visual dead zones is the company’s exceedingly innovative Rear Camera Mirror System. This technology marries a wide-angle rear-facing camera to a high-resolution screen to dramatically increase your outward visibility.

Essentially, it takes a video feed from the vehicle’s back-up camera and sends it to a small display mounted behind the rear-view mirror’s glass. It’s a brilliantly effective solution to a nagging problem.

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It gives you a crystal clear view of what’s behind your vehicle, widening your field of view by a claimed 300 percent. Best of all, it’s a simple as a light switch to operate. You just turn it on by flipping the dimmer lever or shut it off by doing the opposite. It’s really that easy, with no menus to dig through or options to mess with.

For more information on Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror System and to find out what vehicles it’s available in, make sure to watch the video posted above.

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