Celebrating the Chevy Camaro's 50th Birthday on Woodward Ave.

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Late August only means one thing in the Detroit area: It’s time for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise! Coinciding with this legendary classic car event, Chevrolet is also celebrating the Camaro’s 50th birthday.

Chevy’s tire-smoking performance machine is now solidly in middle age, but don’t think for a second it’s gotten fat and slow over the years, quite the contrary. Today’s model runs harder, stops sooner and grips better than any one that came before it.

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Introduced for the 1967 model year, Camaro soon became a symbol of vehicular delinquency and youthful exuberance thanks to its muscular engines and aggressive styling. In the five decades since its introduction, this performance car has won legions of fans.

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And whether they drive an unmolested original or a brand-new sixth-generation model, owners are crazy about their Camaros. Tapping into this enthusiasm, Chevrolet hosted several customer-focused events that coincided with Detroit’s Dream Cruise. The first one was a rally and car show combination at their Lansing Grand River assembly plant where the car is built, the other was a cruise from downtown Detroit up historic Woodward Avenue.

Hundreds of cars and even more Camaro enthusiasts participated in these gatherings. Check out the above video for more about this legendary Chevy’s half-century birthday.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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  • Mark S Mark S on Aug 22, 2016

    :/ their sales though are scary :( Why are the existing owners not upgrading to the new lighter, better handling, faster, nicer interior Alpha platform cars? They can get that beast of an LT1 engine, magnetic ride, amazing sounding exhaust, etc. They are already use to the visibility issue, as existing owners. New owners maybe daunted by the visibility issues, but if you want that styling, it goes with the territory - plus they have tech that helps (reversing camera's, blind spot monitoring etc.). Maybe the issue is the $ points - they are higher than their competitors, maybe folks are waiting for incentives and/or lower MSRP's.