Millionth Mazda MX-5 Miata: Fan Reactions


Why has Mazda made one million Miatas?

That’s just one of the questions we posed to fans of the car who gathered at at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion over the weekend.

Held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, it’s part of the annual automotive festivities that surround the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The Miata faithful were in attendance to not only see the one millionth Miata ever produced, but to get the opportunity to sign it too. In fact, 240 lucky fans were just so lucky. And you can be too!

Laguna Seca is the first stop on the car’s 18 date tour across America, and AutoGuide will be traveling along to document the experience. At each stop an additional 240 people will get to sign the car.

Want to be one of them? Then head to our Millionth Miata Celebration Tour Hub to see where the car is headed next.

Until then, here’s what Miata fans have to say about why Mazda has made a million Miatas:


Waxx Arrific says:

ummm….who cares?

The Miata is, and always has been, horribly underpowered.

Mazda should have paid attention to what Honda did with the best roadster ever built, the 2000-2009 Honda S2000.

Nothing else even comes close.

Bug S Bunny says:

Clearly you have missed the point. Move on please. The S2000 was priced $6K too high. Which one is still in production? Oh, that’s right…

Pete Flynn says:

Not to mention they had a cheesey plastic window. For that kind of money it should have been glass.

TheyCallMeTheMayor says:

Weight savings..not cheapness, is the reason.

SkyCaptain says:

Saturn Sky Redline. Power and good looks.

Bug S Bunny says:

Not bad, but also not enough trunk.

crabbyolddad says:

The iconic MGB that the Miata was based on was also, as you like to say, grossly underpowered and in its last years was also uglier than your brother in your sisters prom dress. Funny how that car also was a high volume seller.

You are missing the point. As has been pointed out, the S2000, and its brethren the MR2, was far more expensive from the get go and it is the Miata that has lasted nearly 30 years and is still going strong.

mtmotoguy says:

The Miata was based on the Lotus Elan even though it resembles the MGB somewhat. Also it’s a lot more fun to drive an underpowered, yet well sorted out car fast than to drive an overpowered car (with poor suspension, brakes etc.) slow. If all you have is power, you’re missing the fun.

Nathan Ballard says:

Obviously, you’ve never driven one.

The 2016 Miata ND is faster around the track than the S2000, granted, not by much, but saying it’s horribly underpowered compared to the S2000 is a ridiculous statement.

Laguna Seca (Post 1988)
100. Mazda MX-5 2.0 (Mk IV) Randy Pobst 1:50.68 157 / 1044
101. Honda S2000 unknown 1:50.74 239 / 1260

Maybe you should do a bit more research before putting fingers to keyboard.

Besides, the S2000 was so successful, they decided not to make it anymore! 😉

Nathan Ballard says:

Here’s one more for you!

Willow Springs – Streets of Willow
71. Mazda MX-5 2.0 (Mk IV) Randy Pobst 1:29.91 157 / 1044
92. Honda S2000 Type S Mike Kang 1:35.67 242 / 1270

That one isn’t even close!

P.S. I’m going to go rip home now in my 2016 MkIV Club with Brembo/BBS. Hopefully I can blow by a S2000 on the way. 😉

Roger L Grotewold says:

A great comeback to Waxx Arrific. I wonder what comment will come back from him. It will be interesting, I am sure.

Nathan Ballard says:

Radio silence. I suppose he doesn’t have anything to say!

TheyCallMeTheMayor says:

Mazda should have payed attention to what Honda did? I think it’s the other way around. Yes, we want performance, but that’s not how manufacturers think normally…

Maddog says:

Why can’t Mazda bring back the RX series with the more sophisticated rotary engines which would deliver high-reving POWER?

Bug S Bunny says:

Two reasons: fuel consumption (rotaries have never been fuel efficient), and emissions. Mazda claims they are working on a modern rotary and they are trying to address both issues, but who knows if they will ever succeed.

Roger L Grotewold says:

Check out future RX9 possibile production in the latest car magazines. A new Rotary has been okayed by the big wigs, but the production people now must take the ball and proceed with it.

Nathan Ballard says:

Just picked up my 2016 ND Club with Brembo/BBS.


TheyCallMeTheMayor says:

The comparisons about Miata vs the S2000 are getting funny, and a tad mean. Both cars were meant to be fast IN THE CORNERS, but Honda thought adding VTEC would address the “straight line/ underpowered” complaints from people too, and it did…. but sales of the 2008-2009 were terribly bad for the Honda, so they dropped it… mostly from that great economy of the time..(eesh).. but the 2009 Miata started at $21,7k and the Honda at $32,6… for $9 difference, you could have bought 3.5 used Miata’s PLUS the new one… Granted no one needs 4 but still, $9k is $9k, insurance was cheaper (overall) and cheaper to maintain, plus S2000’s “possible?” premium fuel? Not sure about that last part though…. guessing.

Bug S Bunny says:

Agree – I owned two Miatas, and looked at an S2000. I thought the S2000 was priced $6000 too high; better engine? Yes, but not $6000 better in my opinion.

rushlimpbutt says:

Miata- extremely uncomfortable for tall people.

T.B.Told says:

Car & Driver mentioned when they did their comparison upon the S2000 introduction 18 years ago against, the Porsche Boxster, Mercedes CLK and BMW M3. “We elected to not include the Miata in our test because the S2000 would eat it for lunch and not even bother to spit out the bones”. Point is The S2000 was ALWAYS a limited production car originally slated for a production run of 50,000 units to celebrate Hondas 50th anniversary. It was a hand built car the first 3 years of production at the Tochigi plant. Right along side the NSX. When sales the first two years took off the run was extended to 100,000+ and the plant moved to the new Suzuka Semi-robotic plant. As a Honda exec told me at the 2007 Homecoming Hondas decision to NEVER offer an automatic in the S2000 impacted sales greatly. The Miata is a nice car I have driven it and its price point today is right there with the S2000 that has been discontinued for 7 years.Performance stats aside that all comes down to drivers skill. Still I would not trade any of my S2000’s for a Miata. I am keeping all 16 of them!

Paublus Hiiginbockan says:

where is the 1000 mile 100 mph for 24 hr miata, like 21st century stuff, not 1912?

wllmjunior says:

I bought my Miata very early in the first production year. I paid over the sticker price just to get my hands on one of them, and it was worth every penny. Never before and never since have I seen such a reaction of love from the general public for an automobile. It was dangerous to drive the car for nearly six months until more of them were on the road because people would stare and not pay attention to their own driving. It was a trip. I loved that little car and it was so much fun to drive. I should have never sold it.