Poll: Genesis G80 or Chevrolet SS?

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Which large sedan do YOU prefer, the new Genesis G80 or Chevrolet’s lovable SS? Vote in our latest poll!

Both of these cars offer rear-wheel drive and powerful V8 engines, but does one have an edge over the other? Let’s take a deep dive into each of them.

Starting with the “new” G80, nee Hyundai Genesis, this large four-door offers two different engines, a base 3.8-liter V6 and a 5.0-liter V8. The top offering is good for an impressive 420 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of twist. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard with both engines, though drivers can opt for all-wheel drive if they go with the entry-level propulsion unit.

Curiously, Chevy’s SS is the mirror image of the Genesis G80. It offers just one engine, but TWO unique transmissions. Isn’t that weird? Motivation is provided by a standard 6.2-liter LS3 small block V8. It churns out 415 horses and an equal amount of torque, both of which are SAE certified. As for gearboxes, you can get a six speed automatic or a manual with the same number of ratios. Yes, it’s true! A stick is offered in this large sedan, making it nearly one of a kind these days.

As for pricing, the G80 starts at around $42,000 but the SS is a bit richer, kicking off at roughly 49 large, of course, that’s with a V8 engine. If you need more information about these two sedans feel free to compare them directly right here, and don’t forget to vote in our poll!

Craig Cole
Craig Cole

Born and raised in metro Detroit, Craig was steeped in mechanics from childhood. He feels as much at home with a wrench or welding gun in his hand as he does behind the wheel or in front of a camera. Putting his Bachelor's Degree in Journalism to good use, he's always pumping out videos, reviews, and features for AutoGuide.com. When the workday is over, he can be found out driving his fully restored 1936 Ford V8 sedan. Craig has covered the automotive industry full time for more than 10 years and is a member of the Automotive Press Association (APA) and Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA).

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  • Pickles Pickles on Aug 11, 2016

    While this "article" is more like a socially retarded repost from someone just joining their first car forum, I can say a few things the "author" can't, primarily because I can use teh intarwewbz, oh, and I know wtf I'm talking aboot. #1 - The V8 isn't even a 2016 model in the US (and the 2015s are increasingly hard to find), I would explain why, but if you are a car person, you already know about the "new brand" rollout, a fact the "author" is unburdened with. #2 - An auto writer who had actually seen the cars IRL, knows there is no real comparison here. As far as fit and finish, you might as well compare a Malibu to a 4 series. #3 - "both of which are SAE certified" . . . seriously? Are you going for a minimum word count? OK, as an owner of a 2016 awd Genny I can tell you that the Hyundai hit a home run with their 8-speed. While I own a 3.8, I spent 11 days with 5.0 and 6 days with an SS auto. The trans in the Chevy is exactly what you would expect from Chevy, it virtually throws you around the cabin as it shifts, while the trans in the Genesis is so smooth and linear, most writers use a CVT on steroids as a comparison. The interior of the Chevy, well, it looks like a Chevy. The interior of the Genesis is in line with the Germans. Nuff sed. You could get a 2015 V8 Genny for 18-24 grand less than an SS if you look around and could actually find a local dealer with an SS, lol, and good luck finding a manual....but I'm sure that dealer can dig one up for a few more grand... You can get a v8 Genny for as much as . . . oh what am I saying, anyone that would consider a Dodge, doesn't understand luxury. But I digress... People who bash the Genny are people who have never actually spent any time in one. Lastly, let's detail in one final fashion how worthless this "author" is. "As for pricing, the G80 starts at around $42,000", lol "starts". The G80, as a G80, not a Genesis, won't even appear on the market for another 6-8 months AT BEST, and pricing is not set. Hey Autoguide, save yourself 24k a year and make a smart fire.

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    • Pickles Pickles on Aug 14, 2016

      -Irrelevant to it being a driver's car. But I guess a self-parking system is considered less sophisticated for a non luxury car. So you are the typical fat lazy american that can't be bothered to learn how to parallel park, the car has to do it for you, lol, talk about #'merica -I guess you've never heard of Magnetic Ride Control. The same tech. being licensed by Ferrari. I guess you haven't been paying attention, or can't read, the Genesis has active ride control, it's called CDC and doesn't NEARLY have the number of reported issues as it does in the GM line, specifically the trucks. And with a suspension actually designed by Lotus, I'll stick with the Genesis than some knock off of stolen German tech that still doesn't work quite right, even on a $480,000 car. -The SS has four piston Brembos on all four corners. 15" is bigger than 14.2", which part of that don't you get? -You make the mistake of comparing your 3.8L to the 6.2L SS. The SS is better priced when compared to the 5.0L V8 "genny." I guess you haven't been paying attention, or have what we call in the legal biz, a comprehension barrier. I was comparing the 5.0, but you know this, that's why it is called trolling, in this case quite poor, but trolling nonetheless. -I guess you haven't been paying attention to the resale value of the Australian Zetas. Go look up the price of a G8 GXP, sir. Nonsensical at best, but asinine at the core. The big G8s are all over the place for 8-12 grand, in adjusted dollars, that's a pathetic resale curve, even for a failed company that couldn't keep it head above water and still cost taxpayers 16 BILLION. Hyundai has never been bailed out, they know how to actually run a diversified multinational. Estimated resale at 5 years on the SS is projected to be 21%, compared with an estimated 36% on the Hyundai 5.0. Nothing you are writing makes any sense. -The rest of your ramblings are subjective and cannot be substantiated. More power, bigger brakes, better mileage, higher BSI for almost ten years now, higher in the CR index, higher in ACS index, better warranty, more airbags, categorically safer (Hyundai has EIGHT TSP+ cars, the SS isn't even a TSP), Chevy doesn't even offer an AWD version of the SS.... and I could go on, but nothing I just listed is subjective, they are facts. Copypasta that last word and google it, it is fairly relevant. And as far as the 3.8, no I don't "keep bringing it up", I simply pointed out, clearly much to your chagrin, the the Lambda makes more power and gets better mileage than the equivalent Chevy slug. In fact the 3.8 is faster than EVERY Chevy V6 and some of the V8s....Oh boy, I hear an ass chapping.... And by the way, oh, wait, Chevy doesn't even (some would say CAN'T) compete in WRX. Sooooo yeah, the unfortunate reality here is that, for whatever reason, your fervent defense of Chevy says you really want an SS. Good luck with that.

  • Ben Mac Ben Mac on Sep 03, 2016

    Whichever one is available with the manual transmission... Chevy FTW. Automakers need to cater to the purist market, some of us still despise automatics. I like everything about the Hyundai more, engine included. But that automatic in a high power V-8 is a deal breaker for me.

    • Pickles Pickles on Sep 04, 2016

      I don't disagree. Can you imagine a manual V8 Genesis? my god, that'd be awesome. But I spose to some degree that's where Caddy comes in, just not at the same price point.