Roborace Previews Self-Driving Racecar Prototype

Autonomous racing series Roborace has teased its first working prototype.

Announced late last year, Roborace is a self-driving race series that will run alongside Formula E next season. Since then, Roborace has been relatively quiet on the actual racecars that will be used in the series, but now it has teased a working prototype in a video.

Called “DevBot,” Roborace calls it an “intelligent, robotic, driverless, electric development car.” The primary purpose of DevBot is to allow teams to develop their own software, while experiencing the hardware that will be used on the eventual Robocar.

But unlike the Robocar, the DevBot has a cabin so that it can be driven by a human being or a computer, allowing teams to fully understand how the car thinks and feels on a race track.

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The Robocar will be revealed later this year and is designed by Daniel Simon. Roborace says that the DevBot features the same drivetrain, sensors, computation systems and communication technology as the Robocar.