Yamaha is Working on an Amphibious Car


It appears that Yamaha is working on a amphibious car, shown in new patent design drawings.

A filing with the Japanese Patent Office reveals a new assembly for wheels that can retract up into the body of the vehicle to allow it to become a boat. Translated from Japanese, the purpose of the patent is “to provide a vehicle including a structure which enables a wheel to be stored in a vehicle body without needing a large vehicle body width.”

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Details on the engine and other components are not given, though the patent does confirm that the vehicle has an “aquatic propulsive engine which gives impelling force to the aforementioned vehicles on water surface.”

Yamaha recently teased the world with the Sports Ride concept, a small sports car that uses one of the brand’s motorcycle engines for power. No word has been given on whether or not the concept will ever see production.

Yamaha seems to be interested in jumping from the world of power sports and getting into the automobile industry, with this amphibious car patent showing that the brand is exploring different niche areas of the car business to try and find a place to fit in.