Electric GT Championship Reveals its Tesla Model S Race Car


Electric vehicle racing began with Formula E and now there is another all-electric racing league about to hit the streets. 

The Electric GT (EGT) Championship will field 10 different teams and a total of 20 drivers, all of which will use identically prepared Tesla Model S race cars, at least for the first season of racing. The race cars have been teased by the league a few times before, but now we can see the whole package, complete with a large spoiler in the back and some wide fender flares.

A series of four videos have been released to show the process that the cars go through to become race cars. Each one is tripped right down and built back up again with the latest OMP safety equipment and a set of customer Pirelli race tires.

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The EGT will show off its new race car for the first time to the public on September 27 in Ibiza, Spain. The actual race championship will begin sometime in 2017 and will hit seven major European circuits including the Nürburgring and Circuit de Catalunya. There will be North American events, though they won’t be involved in the championship race.


A typical race weekend will consist of a 20-minute practice session, 30 minutes of qualifying, a 37-mile (60km) daytime race and then a 37-mile race at dusk.

“The launch of the EGT Championship is the start of a shift in the way motorsport is perceived and inspires us towards our fantastic, sustainable future. We’re really excited to launch our EGT race car and look forward to welcoming invited guests and world media to see it in action for the first time,” said Electric GT Championship CEO, Mark Gemmell.

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