Four Readers Share Their Best Mazda MX-5 Miata Stories

Four Readers Share Their Best Mazda MX-5 Miata Stories

After reading some incredible Mazda MX-5 Miata memories from the editors here at AutoGuide, we wanted to turn the mic over to our readers and forum members. Here’s some great stories they came back with.

 1. Sharka’s Story

Once upon a time, I had this car purchased in the summer of 2000. I called it “Sharka” and I thought it was just hot shizz. It had Rotas and vinyl stripes and a dozen different suspensions. I learned how to autocross and track with it. I learned how to take photos with it. I used the car in weekly photography class assignments whenever possible. And then it was crushed in a full-speed freeway hit. I came out okay, but my heart was broken…My Favourite Miata storyI loved my Miata and I wasn’t done with it yet, so I scoured the internet and found a new one to rebuild with…My Favourite Miata StoryI drove it back from Ohio to New Mexico in the middle of winter. I put on stripes. I tore down the dead car and put the good parts on the new one. And after about six months, I got the car back to pre-wreck spec and then I kept tweaking… and tweaking… I added parts that I’d lusted after for a decade. And then I started making my own parts for the car. Guys wanted to buy the stuff I was making. I started selling parts—and I just kept making new stuff. My favorite Miata storyAnd now I’m here, 16 years later.MiataStory5I love my little Roadster. I don’t get to spend as much time driving or wrenching now that I have to fill constant orders and keep making parts, but I still love my little Roadster. I can’t imagine my life without it. That’s my favorite Miata story. Adam Wolf aka Revlimiter

2. Little Red Miata

I still remember the day a friend of mine pulled up to a party I was at in a bright red Miata. I demanded she let me drive it.  I had only recently learned how to drive a manual so was surprised when she said yes. I remember being surprised at how easy it was to drive.  We had such a blast cruising, enjoying the afternoon sunshine. —H.N. Taylor

3. A Priceless Experience

My great Miata experience dates back to 2010 in my Junior Year of high school. My friends and I were huge automotive enthusiasts, but being in high school, we were very limited with saving money and making money so the best option for a buddy of mine turned out to be a ‘91 Miata. After weighing out the pros and cons of other competitors’ cars, we concluded that the Miata would be the best entry level enthusiast car for him to purchase since it was very well-balanced, very economical, and still one of the all time best handling cars available to purchase. The experience we got from this little Miata was priceless. We learned how to wrench on cars, how to take care of cars, and how to modify them to our personal liking, but the best part was the time we were able to spend together as best friends. It turned out to be a learning experience from driving, to modifying, to racing on the track, and bringing us closer together as childhood lifelong friends. —Naveed Abed

4. My Miata, the Luxury Magnet

I got my ‘97 NA from a friend in Phoenix and drove it back to Ohio. I know the Southwest fairly well from living in Flagstaff for five years and just outside of Moab, Utah, there’s a two-lane that parallels the Colorado River for awhile and cuts through a gorge. It usually has very little traffic and is very quiet. I’d parked at a small pull-off area and was just watching the river when I heard The Sound. A few seconds later, a British racing green Jaguar C-Type blasts by my spot. WTF??? Did I warp back into the ‘50s? Then a Ferrari 250 GTO wails by. Soon, a Mercedes Gullwing pulls into my little area, then another one… Soon there were old Ferraris, Maseratis, a Blower Bentley, several competition Jaguars, a supercharged MG TC, etc., all parked around my humble Miata. Got to sit in one of the Gullwings and a Maserati 300S. I’d stumbled upon the Colorado Grande Rally. I’d known about it for a long time, but just by chance… Got lots of pictures, but I haven’t a clue how to post them. But that’s my best Miata story. Fourvalve

Got your own favourite Mazda MX-5 Miata story to share? Add it in the comments below.

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