New Honda Civic Type R Spy Photos Show Off Aggressive Front End


New spy photos of the Honda Civic Type R give us a better look at its front end.

The production 10th-generation Honda Civic hatchback was already unveiled, but the Type R variant is still in development and looking meaner than ever. Spy photographers caught the prototype testing in Spain, with Honda subjecting it to hot weather testing to ensure everything works as intended despite high temperatures. The front end is looking similar to what Honda showed off on the Civic Hatchback concept, which is good news since the standard hatchback’s styling got toned down quite a bit for production.

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It’s still unclear what the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine will output in the new Civic Type R, but rumors suggest it will be in the 340-horsepower range. What we do know is that a six-speed manual transmission is expected, while front-wheel drive is guaranteed. Another big question is if the rear spoiler will be standard on the model or if the Japanese automaker will bundle it with a track-oriented package.

The production Honda Civic hatchback will be on display at this year’s Paris Motor Show later this month, and there’s a possibility that Honda may surprise attendees with a Civic Type R concept at the show.

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Chad Purser says:

Please give the option of rear wing delete!

Kelvin says:

There will be trims that has no wing.

Honda Salesman says:

It will likely only have one trim (like the SI).

windel Vernon says:

Thank you Chad. Pleas reserve only for “boy racers” and offer something more subtle for the adults. Please!

Dee T says:

Well i Hope Honda does no such thing, hence forcing you Grandpa’s to send money to have it removed, or spend your valuable time removing it. you want a Conservative fast vehicle then go buy a German car……problem solved.

Luv says:

You have to admit that a spoiler looks kinda silly on an inner-city commuter car. It’s kinda like metrosexuals wearing cowboy hats… Lame.

Dee T says:

its part of the car’s characteristics, plus it serves an important purpose to create downforce and high speed stability. if you want a conservative fast car go buy a German car.

Luv says:

When I need downforce and high speed stability, I’ll keep it in mind. In my city, such things are not typical considerations for the morning commute. (grin)

Luv says:

The vents around the fog lights remind me of big flared nostrils, but I like the look of it generally. I sure hope it has better leg and head room. I had to walk away from the entire 2016 lineup because my knees were up against the dash and head against the ceiling. You shouldn’t have to install custom seat rails and tilt the seat way back just to fit in the thing. Here’s hoping…