Poll: Hyundai Elantra or Toyota Corolla?

Poll: Hyundai Elantra or Toyota Corolla?

Compact cars are BIG business. Two popular options are the and Toyota’s Corolla, but which one is a better choice? Well, that’s up to YOU to decide!

With impressive fuel efficiency, attractive pricing and oftentimes engaging dynamics, small sedans make a lot of sense for plenty of drivers around the world. But which models are best and which ones should be avoided?

In North America, the Hyundai Elantra was completely redesigned for the 2017 model year. It’s gained a stylish and aerodynamic new body, a host of available premium features as well as an unexpectedly upscale interior.

Taking the stress out of driving, buyers can get things like adaptive cruise control, HID headlamps and even a hands-free trunk. Additionally, and eight-inch display screen is available, as is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless phone integration.

Underhood, the volume engine is a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated unit that puts out 147 horsepower 132 lb-ft of torque. This refined propulsion unit can be matched with either a manual or automatic transmission, both of which have six forward gears.

Moving on, the Corolla has long been a crowd favorite. In fact, the company delivered more than 363,000 of them in the U.S. last year. That’s MEGA volume.

This Toyota’s base engine is a familiar 1.8-liter four-cylinder that’s good for 132 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque. It can be matched to a six-speed manual or an automatic, one of the continuously variable variety or a depressing four-speed unit.

Eco-trim versions of the Corolla gain a few extra horsepower and miles per gallon. They sticker at up to 42 MPG highway, which is damn impressive!

As for pricing, both of these cars start around 18 grand, including delivery fees. In typical Hyundai fashion, the Elantra does have a slight edge over its Japanese rival, but the difference is less than $200.

So, which of these compact cars do YOU prefer? Compare them tit-for-tat right here and please make sure to vote in our latest poll!