Spy Photographers Catch the BMW 5 Series GT Testing

The new BMW 5 Series GT has shed a little of its camouflage for spy photographers.

Despite wearing plenty of camouflage, the new BMW 5 Series GT looks to be sleeker than its predecessor, with the bulky rear end getting trimmed down and looking more elegant. Overall it looks a bit sportier, taking in some of the 3 Series GT and 4 Series Gran Coupe’s styling. Expect the new 5 Series GT to shed a bit of weight, making it more agile and fuel efficient.

Engine options for the next-generation model are currently unknown, but like other BMW models, expect a wide range of gasoline and diesel variants, as well as a plug-in hybrid model.

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Rumor has it the BMW 5 Series GT will actually change its names to the 6 Series GT, replacing the 6 Series GranCoupe. The next-generation 6 Series coupe and convertible models would then be designed to be more of a sports car, taking on the likes of the Porsche 911. But based on the latest spy photos, that doesn’t appear to be the case considering the front end is classic 5 Series styling.

Expect more news when the 5 Series GT officially bows later this year or early next year.

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