Never Forget Which Side Your Gas Tank is On Again

You get a new car and it’s your first time filling up, or maybe it’s a rental. You’re pulling into the pump, but a thought crosses your mind. Which side is the gas tank on?  Almost all of us have been in this position at least once. 

If you own the car, you probably know by now which side the tank is on, but if it’s a new car or a rental, this easy tip might help save you some hassle. Many drivers will already know this, but there are still those who won’t, seeing as it is only on fairly newer car models.

If you look at the gas indicator in the gauge cluster on most new vehicles, you should see a tiny arrow next to the pump icon pointing either left or right. This is showing you which side of the vehicle the gas tank is on, so you’ll never have to stick your head out the window again to check.

Keep in mind this is not the case on most older model cars. They likely won’t have the little, helpful arrow. However, some will still have a hose on the little gas pump indicator that shows which side the tank is on.

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