Ambitious Company Wants to Make this Cheap 3-Wheel Electric Car a Reality


A new company has an ambitious plan of building “the most attractive, affordable, and practical electric car ever with base price starting at $10,000.”

That company is called Sondors, founded by Storm Sondors, who raised $10-million and delivered 15,000 electric bikes. The Sondors eBike has since become the largest electric bike distributor in the U.S. and is currently sold in 67 other countries worldwide. And like the electric bike, Sondors plans on cutting out the middleman by allowing buyers to pre-order their cars online before they are custom built and delivered to their doorstep.

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The Sondors electric car is a three-seat, three-wheeled vehicle and the company plans on offering three different range options: 50 miles, 100 miles and 200 miles. The car’s body will be made of aluminum, while the three-wheel design will help create less drag.

The company is offering just under $1-million in common shares of Sondors Electric Car Company at $12 per share, with a minimum investment of $120. In addition to equity, each investor will automatically be added to the company’s reservation list and once the car is available for sale, they will be among the first to buy it. Investors will also have the option to gift or sell their reservation.

Learn more about Sondors by watching the video below.

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