Top 5 Fastest Growing Automotive Brands

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

These five automakers are growing faster globally than others.

The Interbrand Top 100 Best Global Brands 2016 list has been released and while there are many familiar automakers on the list, there are some that are growing faster than the competition. According to Interbrand, there are 10 Brand Strength factors that are potential levers for brand and business growth: Clarity, Commitment, Governance, Responsiveness, Authenticity, Differentiation, Relevance, Consistency, Engagement and Presence.

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We’ve already reported on which automakers top the list this year, but which ones saw the most growth?

5. Audi

Valued at $11.8-billion in 2016, Audi first tracked on Interbrand’s chart in 2004 with a value of $3.3-billion. It saw its biggest growth between 2013-2014, when its value went from $7.8-billion to $9.8-billion.

The German automaker’s brand value went up 14 percent from 2015 to 2016 according to Interbrand, a sign of just how competitive Audi is getting in the luxury segment. Last year, Audi had its best-ever December in the U.S., while enjoying its 60th consecutive month of record sales in the country. In total, the company sold 202,202 vehicles in the U.S. last year, an increase compared to 182,011 the year prior. Worldwide, Audi sold 1.8 million vehicles in 2015, an increase of 3.6 percent over 2014.


Rising 18 percent to a brand value of nearly $5-billion, MINI continues to rise after tracking for the first time last year with a value of $4.2-billion. The company saw an 18-percent growth, according to Interbrand.

“These are exciting times to work in the car industry as it undergoes a dramatic paradigm shift; yet to work on the MINI brand these days is the most exciting job of all, as the brand undergoes a major repositioning,” said senior vice president of MINI, Sebastian Mackensen. “This is the year we set out to reclaim MINI’s role as not only the most emotional car brand but a true urban lifestyle brand, engaging in a range of new fields and ventures.”

For 2015, the MINI brand sold 338,446 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 12 percent compared to 2014.

3. Porsche

Last year, Porsche delivered 225,121 vehicles worldwide, a 19-percent increase compared to 2014’s figure of 189,849. It also enjoyed a record year of sales in the U.S. with 51,768 deliveries. On Interbrand’s list, the German automaker posted an 18-percent growth with a value of $9.5-billion and has been steadily increasing since 2009 when it was valued at $4.2-billion.

Porsche hopes to continue its strong sales this year and most recently unveiled its all-new Panamera sedan.

2. Mercedes-Benz

With a value of $43.5-billion, Mercedes-Benz saw an 18-percent increase in its brand value from 2015 to 2016, its biggest jump ever. The first bit of data for the German automaker began in 2000, when it was valued at $21.1-billion. This year, Mercedes finished in ninth place overall, besting main competitor BMW that finished 11th place with a $41.5-billion value.

Last year, the company saw a 13-percent increase in worldwide sales, rising to 1,871,511 units.

1. Nissan

And the automaker with the biggest growth on Interbrand’s list is Nissan, posting a 22-percent increase. Now valued at $11.1-billion, Nissan saw its biggest growth ever since the company started tracking data. In 2011, the Japanese automaker was only valued at $3.8-billion and has continued to rise ever since.

And its sales figures match, with the brand seeing six straight years of increases. In 2015, Nissan’s global sales came in at 5,421,804 units, marking a 2.1-percent increase compared to 2015. In the U.S., the company saw a 7.1-percent increase to 1,484,918 units.

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