Watch a Tesla Drive Itself Around Totally Autonomously

Tesla announced last night that its cars will now be built with all the required technology to be fully autonomous, and the American automaker has released a video showing the tech in action. 

Sountracked by “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones, the car can be seen navigating through Palo Alto, California, stopping and starting at stoplights, changing lanes, navigating turns, merging onto the highway, stopping when it sees a pedestrian crossing the road, and even dropping off its driver and finding its own parking spot.

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Tesla says that although there is someone in the driver’s seat, he is there for legal reasons, but the car is actually driving itself with no input from the passenger.

Of course, it’s important to note that the video was shot in ideal California conditions on dry, smooth roads with clear markings and legible signs. It will be interesting to see how a Tesla will drive on its own in bad weather or in conditions that aren’t as perfect or clear-cut like a confusing intersection or roundabout, especially considering the amount of controversy currently surrounding Tesla’s Autopilot software.

Watch the full video above.