2017 Honda Civic Si Debuts to Hold the Flag Until Type R Gets Here


Now that everyone has seen what the Civic Type R looks like, pretty much nothing else in the Honda universe really matters anymore. 

To carry the Japanese automaker’s performance flag until the Type R gets here, which is still ways away, the 2017 Honda Civic Si just made its global debut at the 2016 L.A. Auto Show.

Looking pretty tame compared to the hyper-aggressive Type R hatch, the Si strikes a nice balance between the regular Civic and the much-anticipated hot hatch. The Si will be available as a coupe and a sedan, but a short-shifting six-speed manual transmission will be the only one available.

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The 2017 Honda Civic Si will be powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, which the automaker says is “high-performance” and “high-torque.” Unfortunately, Honda didn’t release any information about power output, the one thing that prospective Si drivers care most about. The last Civic Si had 205 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque, so it’s safe to assume that this upcoming model’s figures will surpass the previous generation’s numbers.

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This Si Prototype has a full Honda Factory Performance (HFP) aero kit, spoiler, a slick center-mounted exhaust setup, and 19-inch, 10-spoke forged aluminum alloy wheels. Performance upgrades include a new active damper system, active steering, limited-slip differential and available high-performance tires.

Inside, the Si gets unique front sport seats with red contrast stitching that carries through the whole cabin, an aluminum shift knob and sport pedals, and a handful of other features that help differentiate the Si from the regular Civic.

Although Honda says this is just a prototype, it’s pretty safe to assume that the production model won’t stray too far from what we see here. The 2017 Honda Civic Si launches next year.

The 2016 L.A. Auto Show marks the first time all five variants (Hatchback, Coupe, Sedan, Type R and Si) of the 10th-generation Honda Civic are sharing a stage.

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Eternity Blogger says:

I think ill just wait for the Type R, this looks like a stripped down Type R, and i bet you the price of the Type R is almost the same as the SI..

Michael Lee says:

Agreed. This could be like a VW Golf GTI vs. R argument. A fully-loaded GTI is about $2-3K less than the R, so why not spend the extra dough since you’ll be above $40K anyways, and get the extra performance?

Eternity Blogger says:

Definitely, and as I see Civic Si’s around, they are just junkers. When you see a Type R, its just that much more of a car to see driving around.

Gart says:

Honda is finally getting it’s act together but why the 4 door Type-R? They had the two door platform to work with. So disappointing. What is up with all this 4 door performance push? Nobody buying a type-R needs back doors. I understand making a 4 door SI for the dads who want a bit of performance but if you’re going to make a a pure performance car out of an econo-box and you actually have a coupe to work with, take the opportunity.

This is the biggest civic yet, and if you’re sticking with FWD at least make it sexy and give us the coupe. I’m a huge honda fan but with this quirky over sexy 4 door large-ish econobox type-R explain to me why I wouldn’t just get an STI at that point? So close Honda, but you blew it once again.

tre916 says:

The 4 door Si was an abomination. Should never have gone beyond a coupe or hatch. But they want to sell these things, and having to pull a kid out of the back seat is a major reason not to buy one of these.

danwat1234 says:

You know, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Civic Si sport hybrid. It’d be like having a turbo and a supercharger.

Jonathan Hatfield says:

The coupe Si is gawd awful ugly. My 2012 Si was a much better looking car. Hopefully the 4 door looks better. Honda needs to hire some designers away from Mazda. What ridiculous comments to say that nobody that wants performance needs back doors! Are you 10 years old or what? Every BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, Infiiniti, etc… 4 door would beg to differ.