Hyundai’s Genesis Brand to Sell Cars Online, But There’s a Catch


Korean luxury automaker Genesis, an offshoot Hyundai brand, is new to the segment and is already trying to change established industry norms.

When you research a car online or see an ad in the paper or TV, the price listed has four very significant letters: MSRP. That means that the price advertised is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. When you go to a dealership, however, that price isn’t what you’re going to be paying because of additional fees like delivery and destination charges and, of course, other accumulative fees like maintenance and navigation updates. It all means that consumers never know exactly what they are paying until the very end of the long car buying process.

Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis, the automaker behind the G80 and G90 luxury sedans, knows this whole experience is annoying and is launching a new way of selling its cars in Canada. Called Genesis at Home, the brand will let potential customers shop for a vehicle online, get a final quote, complete financing or lease paperwork, put a deposit and order a vehicle from the automaker’s centralized inventory – all online.

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That means there’s no dealing with suggested prices, pushy sales people or hidden costs. The fixed cost of a new Genesis also includes scheduled maintenance (for 5 years or 100,000 km), Genesis at Home concierge service (5 years/100,000 km), satellite radio subscription (5 years/100,000km), and navigation map updates (5 years – up to 10 updates).

But wouldn’t customers want a test drive first? Fortunately, Genesis will offer exactly that through the Genesis at Home concierge. Buyers will be able to request that a car come to their house for a test drive, along with a Genesis representative to walk them through the car’s features and the new sales process.

If the customer follows through with the purchase, they can expect the same kind of service afterwards. For example, when maintenance is needed on the car, Genesis will pick up the vehicle from the customer, leave them a courtesy vehicle, and take the customer’s car for service. They’ll return the car when the service is complete, too, so the usual inconveniences of car ownership and maintenance are practically non-existent. Now, if only Genesis included free gas with their luxury vehicles…

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Genesis Canada says this is a bold strategy that isn’t being done anywhere else in the world. The model was piloted for a few weekends in the U.S. with the Hyundai Elantra, where customers could order a test drive through Amazon Prime, but this is a whole new evolution of that idea.

It’s rare for a new luxury brand to launch with standalone stores and rarer still to enable online car sales from the automaker itself, instead of a dealership. The whole brand is seeing how this approach works in the country and may adopt the same strategy in other markets depending on its success.

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disqus_0UEtbRcFjD says:

It’s a great idea. Finally you can buy a car without salesmen or stealerships. Hyundai’s dealerships have been the worst part of owning a Hyundai.

kaffekup says:

And the catch is…?

justin says:

First of all, none of my fees are “hidden.” And, there is A LOT of misinformation in this article. You are still purchasing from the dealership, the process is simply streamlined for customer convenience . Furthermore, everywhere above that mentioned 5 years and 100,000 KM, replace with 3 years, 36,000 miles. The G80 maintenance includes cabin filter, air intake filter, oil filter, oil change, and tire rotations. The G90 includes all that plus alignments and brake pads.

Bort says:

Why would you use miles? This is Canadian only. And you are purchasing direct from Genesis and only having service done at a dealership. There is no misinformation here. Only unfounded bias from you.

justin says:

Well, I’m not in Canada, I’m in Ohio, where we do the same thing. This isn’t a Canadian program, this is a Genesis program. And no, you are not purchasing from Genesis. You are buying from a dealership. Go submit interest in a Genesis online. A dealership product specialist will be who you speak with.