Hyundai to Launch 14 New Green Cars by 2020


In just four years, Hyundai dealerships will be almost unrecognizable.

That’s because while many of the usual products will likely still be available, there will be a long list of alternatively powertrain models on display. Speaking at the NADA / J.D. Power AutoConference LA in Los Angeles today, Hyundai USA CEO Dave Zuchowski announced 14 new green models by 2020. The product onslaught will include five all-new hybrids, four plug-in hybrids, four electric vehicles and one new fuel-cell offering.

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Currently, Hyundai only offers three alternative powertrain models in the U.S., with the Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-in Hybrid and Tucson Fuel Cell. The Korean automaker will make a big push to achieve this goal with the launch of the new Ioniq, which will go to market with three flavors: a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric version.

Despite just one fuel-cell offering, Zuchowski insists Hyundai is committed to the technology. “From a technology standpoint, we think hydrogen is the best option.”

Still, Hyundai will continue to focus on fully electric cars with Zuchowski adding that they have a product with a “300-mile range in the plans.”

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smartacus says:

Reading the tea leaves;
Green cars will eventually return to being called “fuel efficient vehicles” in a push to be more inclusive.

Felix James says:

Not under Trump