Jaguar Credits Reservation Program for F-Pace’s Success

Jaguar Credits Reservation Program for F-Pace’s Success

Jaguar has seen a huge uptick in sales this year and one of the main reasons for the extra cats on the road is the F-Pace crossover.

Total sales of the F-Pace this year come in at over 6,000 units thus far, making it the best-selling Jaguar model in the lineup. While it should come as no surprise that the pretty luxury crossover is getting a lot of attention, the automaker credits its reservation program as a huge part of being able to gauge the success. In the US, the automaker allowed customers to reserve an F-Pace or XE online and put down a refundable deposit while still being able to receive incentives, including free navigation and up to $800 off the first monthly payment.

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Talking to Kim McCullough, Vice President of Marketing for JLR North America, the reservation process seems to be a huge draw for customers, and being on waiting list gives the car a sense of exclusivity. In fact, Jaguar is committing to the same process for its upcoming I-Pace electric crossover.

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In fact, the I-Paces reservation process won’t be limited to just the United States, but will be open to the whole world. The I-Pace is expected in 2018 at a price range above the F-Pace. It will use two electric motors making over 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, and deliver a range of about 220 miles. Charge times using a level three fast charger are expected to be 90 minutes to an 80-percent charge.

It’s clear that Jaguar customers seem to love the reservation process, so there’s no reason to stop it now.