More New Volkswagen Models are Heading to the US

President and CEO of Volkswagen of America, Hinrich Woebcken, firmly believes that the road to success in America involves getting more Volkswagens into showrooms.

“Remaining a niche player is not an option,” said Woebcken today at the 2016 L.A. Auto Show. “We tried this for many years and now we’ve decided to get out of the niche market and become a relevant player.

Exactly what that means remains to be seen, since Volkswagen has explicitly decided not to reveal its goals for the coming years. Despite that, its vision of the future in America is set and has been approved by Germany, said Woebcken.

2016 L.A. Auto Show Coverage

The CEO did, however, reveal that it will mean more new cars. “You can see from Alltrack from Atlas, that [VW has] high volume expectation,” says Woebcken.

The results will be, like its sister brand Audi, more products in more segments. Again, Woebcken declined to comment on just what the new products might be, but he did confirm that America would get new VWs.

“We have additional products, where in the big segments, we see a lot of spaces for Volkswagen,” said Woebcken. “On top of the existing product we are going to have additional products for this market.”

A version of this story originally appeared on VWVortex

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