Production Toyota Supra Spied Revealing Production-Ready Design


New spy photos showing us the most detail we’ve seen yet of the upcoming Toyota Supra have hit the web. 

Unlike the previous set of Supra spy shots, which featured a fully covered nose and tail, this latest prototype gives us a better idea what the production car will look like. Up front, cues from the Toyota FT-1 Concept can be seen, though a new array of air intakes have been added to the car.

More is revealed in the rear as well, with the taillight shape finally coming into view while the rear shoulders and decklid are both reminiscent of the FT-1. The overall style appears toned down compared to that wild concept, but that is par for the course with most automakers.

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What is coming under the hood is still unknown, though there are a few hints floating around. In a recent spy video, it sounds like  some type of hybrid powertrain is helping the Supra drive, though once the driver kicks the throttle, you can hear the throaty exhaust of the internal combustion powerplant. Early rumors suggested that the powerplant is likely to be a turbocharged inline six-cylinder from BMW, but Lexus is also said to be working on a twin-turbo V6, an engine that could work here as well.

BMW and Toyota developed this car together, along with the new Z5, and are setting them up not to be competitors. For that reason, the Supra is said to be a coupe only while the new BMW Z5 will be a convertible only.

The Supra is expected to arrive after the new BMW Z5, likely as a 2019 model year vehicle.

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