Nissan Unveils Star Wars-Themed Rogue

Jonathan Yarkony
by Jonathan Yarkony

The “Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition” (let’s go with Rogue One from here on out) may have a long, dorky, corporate-branded name, but it’s actually kind of cool.

Nissan surely jumped on the opportunity as soon as they saw the name of this first standalone Star Wars spinoff, recognizing the chance to piggyback some exposure and reach to a hip audience on a powerhouse movie and merchandising mega-franchise. We’ve already seen the first collaboration in this commercial with the Rogue evading various Star Wars obstacles and hazards, and now it’s time for the brand partnership to extend to a vehicle itself.

The Rogue One is based on the SV trim of the updated 2017 Rogue with panoramic moonroof (through which to view the Death Star, of course) and optional all-wheel drive to chase speeders through Endor’s forest terrain. Nothing special to report in the drivetrain, where the 170-hp four-cylinder paired with CVT makes for efficient motoring, and some other perks of this trim include proximity key with push button start, Bluetooth phone and streaming audio and Satellite Radio.

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It comes in only black or white, which makes the black accents either pop, or gives it a completely stealthy Death Trooper appearance in black. It also gets the “Rebel Alliance” and “Galactic Empire” badges, “Star Wars” logo rear bumper overlay and Rogue One badges on the front doors.

The badge-fest continues inside, with “Rebel Alliance” and “Galactic Empire” logos on the floor mats, cupholders, and even kickplates with a glowing Star Wars logo.

While the changes to the vehicle are mild, each Rogue One also comes with a special gift: an exclusive numbered, full-size replica Death Trooper helmet. It looks cool, and will surely look good on the display shelves of your den along with all the other Star Wars collectibles. Nissan will make just 5,400 Rogues with this package, 5,000 for the US and 400 for Canada.

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