Over 1,000 Ram Pickups Gathered at an Unlikely Place


Over 1,000 Ram pickup truck owners have helped set a new Guinness World Record.

Surprisingly, the massive gathering of Ram pickup trucks didn’t take place on U.S. soil, where pickup trucks are loved. Instead, 1,152 Ram pickup truck owners gathered at the world famous Nurburgring to help set the record, even though 1,317 had registered for the event.

Still, it’s an impressive feat considering it was in Europe, besting the previous Ram record of 451 trucks set in April 2015 in Texas. Yes, Texas the state that absolutely loves pickup trucks.

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It appears that the record could be in the process of being contested though, as Guinness World Records has not updated its website with the event. Regardless, the gathering is an impressive feat and shows that Europeans are also passionate about their pickup trucks.

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