Spy Photos Prove BMW’s Lineup is Getting More Confusing


It appears BMW is renaming the 5 Series GT to the 6 Series GT.

When spy photographers first caught the next-generation BMW 5 Series GT testing, rumors suggested that BMW would give it the 6 Series GT nameplate, serving as a replacement for the 6 Series GranCoupe. Speculation at the time also said that the next 6 Series would become a Porsche fighter, although recent spy photos of the coupe and convertible variants don’t seem to show a smaller, sportier car.

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The latest prototype caught on camera by spy photographers features a note naming it 630d, indicating that the model is getting a name change. It’s unclear what that means for the 6 Series GranCoupe, and with how BMW has been revamping its nomenclature, it’s best to not even speculate.

That means the new BMW 6 Series GT will essentially be a 5 Series fastback sporting four doors. Expect its powertrain to mirror the 5 Series, despite sporting a 6 Series nameplate.

Look for a debut next year, possibly at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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